Have you heard the news?

A new park and trail system in the city of Saluda has been proposed.

Trails offer a wonderful opportunity to get outside and enjoy the natural beauty that Western North Carolina has to offer. In addition to a new trail system, the city is proposing a new park that would include a playground, amphitheater, garden terrace, ropes course, and other outdoor amenities. This intends to bring families and friends together and encourage them to spend time in nature and create cherished memories with those they love.

The importance of trails and natural areas to play outdoors has been proven to improve health, longevity, and appreciation for nature. Not only will it support the locals’ desire to get out and enjoy our beautiful city, but it may also bolster the local economy by adding up to 300 jobs and serve as a way for visitors to enjoy the special historic points of interest.

The full scope of the trail would run from Inman, SC, to Zirconia, NC, with about 16 miles of the trail in South Carolina. The remaining 15 miles in North Carolina will run through the historic downtown districts of Saluda and Tryon.

“This will be a game-changer for local residents and improve our quality of life by providing a great outdoor recreation area linking up a number of very historic and wonderful small towns,” says Michael Baughman, a senior financial advisor at Parsec Financial in Tryon.

“It would encourage more walking, running, and bike riding while providing a safer place to do those things. I see a lot of older folks who want to bike but are afraid to get on the roads. This trail would eliminate that obstacle and help more people get outside and be active on a more regular basis.”

The proposed trail and McCreery park will help the City of Saluda maintain natural resources and promote the protection and conservation of our beautiful forests and mountains.

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