City of Saluda is Awarded Grant from the NC Department of Commerce

Exciting things to occur in McCreery Park from this grant - including new play equipment,

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Saluda and Isothermal Community College Apprenticeship NC Program

The City of Saluda and Isothermal Community College are working together to create opportunity for students.
The partnership has resulted in the city sponsoring a student, Halley Slentz, in the upcoming Basic Law Enforcement Training class.

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Fats, Oils and Grease Information

Fats, oils and grease do not belong in the sewer or your septic tank. While pouring hot water and detergent into the drain along with your grease may allow it to pass into your line, the grease will re-form into a solid lump as it cools, blocking either your home’s sewer pipes or the main sewer system, or your septic tank.

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