Planning & Zoning


The Planning and Zoning Department regulates any new construction, renovations or additions, and signage within the City limits. The City has a Zoning Administrator, Assistant Zoning Administrator, Planning Board, and Board of Adjustment. The Planning Board and Board of Adjustment are volunteer Boards consisting of Saluda City residents who want to be involved in the community. The Board of Commissioners appoints members to each Board by nomination and vote from a selection of citizens who have filled out an application for appointment.

The Zoning Administrator or Assistant Administrator reviews any applications for zoning compliance submitted to the City and grants or denies the application based on compliance with the current Zoning Ordinance. Once a City Zoning Compliance is granted, the applicant must obtain a building permit from the appropriate County office before commencing construction on the project. Contact City Hall at 828-749-2581/Fax 828-749-2373.

Zoning Map, Ordiance, Forms and Applications


 Zoning Map  Zoning Ordinance  Zoning Permit
 Rezoning/Conditional Use Permit  Zoning Map Amendment Application  Zoning Variance Application
 Noise Ordinance   Land Development and Clearing Permit  Sign Permit
 Temporary Sign Permit  Subdivision/Recombination Application  2040 Comprehensive Land Use Plan
 Special Events Permit Mobile Food Vendor Permit  R-O-W Encroachment Agreement

Current Projects:

  • McCreery Park