Board of Commissioners

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City Clerk Pam Waters


 The Board of Commissioners, as elected officials, strive to discuss and make decisions in the best interest of the citizens.  The purpose of the Board's regular monthly meetings is to discuss issues the City is facing at that time.

At the Commissioners meetings, each Department Head reports the month's happenings, and the Finance Officer provides an update on the budget, while presenting any necessary requests for budget amendments and any financial highlights. Agenda items are set by the Board, Administrator, and City Clerk in advance and can include requests for presentations or discussion of specific issues.

The public may request an agenda item for a Board meeting, and may do so by filing an Agenda Item Request Form along with any written information to be distributed to the Board members with the City Clerk at least 15 business days prior to the meeting date. The City Clerk will follow up with anyone submitting an agenda item request once the Board decides what will be placed on the Agenda.

While the public is encouraged to attend these meetings, the purpose is to observe the meeting. Public Comment is heard by the Board at the beginning of every meeting, and anyone wishing to comment should sign up with the City Clerk or Assistant City Clerk before the meeting is called to order. The City abides by a Public Comment Policy, which should be reviewed by those seeking to make public comment.

Meeting Schedule:  Saluda Board of Commissioners meetings are the second Monday of each month at 7:00 PM.


Meeting Minutes


January 10th - Board Meeting

February 14th - Board Meeting

March 8th - Workshop and Special Called Meeting

March 14th - Board Meeting

April 11th - Board Meeting

April 25th - Workshop and Special Called Meeting

May 9th - Board Meeting and Public Hearing

May 23rd - Budget Workshop

June 13th - Board Meeting