The Administration Department of the City includes the City Manager, City Clerk, Finance Officer, and Administrative Assistant. The daily operations that keep the City running are handled through the Administration offices located on Main Street at City Hall. These operations include utility billing services & payments, City permitting of all kinds (zoning permits, golf cart permits,  ABC permits, etc.), the office of the Tax Collector, the filing of citizen requests & complaints, tourist information, the keeping of public records, and any other tasks requested by the Board of Commissioners. City Administration performs the daily duties that keep our City running smoothly. Contact City Hall at 828-749-2581/Fax 828-749-2373.

Public Works

The City's Public Works Department is responsible for all the maintenance and improvements to City streets and facilities, water and sewer lines, water meters, and water pump/sewer lift station daily checks. Any preparations and maintenance associated with inclement weather conditions in the City are handled by the Public Works employees. Public Works employees handle any customer requests regarding water and sewer taps, meter repairs, line maintenance and repairs, and reading meters on a monthly basis for billing purposes. All City parks and the Saluda City Cemetery are maintained by the Public Works department as well. Anyone wishing to purchase City Cemetery plots can contact City Hall and set up an appointment with a Public Works employee to view available plots and review the City policies on Cemetery Regulations and Uses. Contact Public Works Department at 828-749-3625.

Planning and Zoning


The Planning and Zoning Department regulates any new construction, renovations or additions, and signage within the City limits. The City has a Zoning Administrator, Assistant Zoning Administrator, Planning Board, and Board of Adjustment. The Planning Board and Board of Adjustment are volunteer Boards consisting of Saluda City residents who want to be involved in the community. The Board of Commissioners appoints members to each Board by nomination and vote from a selection of citizens who have filled out an application for appointment. The Zoning Administrator or Assistant Administrator reviews any applications for zoning compliance submitted to the City and grants or denies the application based on compliance with the current Zoning Ordinance. Once a City Zoning Compliance is granted, the applicant must obtain a building permit from the appropriate County office before commencing construction on the project.  Contact City Hall at 828-749-2581/Fax 828-749-2373. Current Projects: Bike and Pedestrian Plan (Part 1) (Part 2) / McCreery Park Master Plan / Pace Park Bathrooms


Saluda Police Department


Saluda Police Department has 4 full time employees, the Chief of Police, the Sergeant and two officers. The police department is staffed 24 hours a day year round. Contact Saluda Police Department 828-749-2691/Fax 828-749-9341.

Saluda Fire Department


The Saluda Fire and Rescue Department serves a rural community of 3100 residents in 51 square miles and is located in a mountain community on the crest of the Saluda Gorge. Our department has 41 active members and 1 paid daytime firefighter. We provide structural, wildland, rescue, EMS first response, BLS transport and Hazmat operations to the residents in our community. We also provide mutual aid to 5 neighboring departments covering an additional 174 square miles and 33,000 residents. While most of our district is primarily undeveloped, it includes numerous single-family homes, a day care with 55 children and an elementary school with 270 students. We are also a resort destination so we have 1 hotel as well as numerous Inns and Bed & Breakfasts. We have 1 bulk fuel storage facility, and Interstate 26 also cuts through a portion of our first-due response area along with US Highways 176 and 25 giving us a traffic volume of over 125,000 vehicles a day. Our community depends on us for all of these services 24 hours a day. Contact Saluda Fire Department 828-749-9816.